The professionals of Jandinox work in close partnership with the customer in order to find the best solutions to design, tooling, prototype and production planning. They can help the customer define important details such as alloy, tolerance and modifications that can improve the result and reduce the overall cost.

Customers may order some prototypes for design review, small lots for the marketplace and for product testing or large quantities. In addition to that, Jandinox can offer finishing services, like:

Heat treatment
Surface finishing
End-consumer packaging
Kitting and packaging

No other foundry process can give you so many benefits as Investment Casting:

  • Greater freedom in design – from simple to the most intricate geometries;
  • Ample choice of alloys;
  • Rapid prototyping;
  • Parts and products:

    near net shape;
    lighter and more resistant;
    consistently reliable;
    monolithic and with no welding;
    with excellent surface finishing;
    with closer tolerances when compared to other processes.

  • Cast-in detail – capable of including simple and intricate details like: grooves, holes, bosses, numbering, serrations, threads and bevels.

Contact one of the technical representatives of Jandinox and find out how this decision can improve your company’s results.




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