Founded in 1999, Jandinox is a Brazilian company managed by a team of experts in Investment Casting. It is the only Brazilian company specialized in ceramic core for all sizes and shapes.

Jandinox has the capacity to produce a wide variety of parts and products for the most diverse commercial and industrial sectors. The company offers innovative solutions that result in parts and products of the highest quality at a very competitive overall cost.

The yearly growth rate reached by Jandinox shows that it has built a solid reputation on liability and delivery time. The company’s ability to solve problems has been recognized in Brazil and abroad as a great resource to satisfy the most stringent specifications.

This recognition comes as a result of the sound technological knowledge and vast experience in Investment Casting accumulated by Jandinox and its compromise to exceed customers’ expectations. This compromise includes an effective exchange of information with customers, suppliers and centers of excellence, either in Brazil or abroad, with the purpose to help customers throughout the manufacturing process - from design to final product.


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